Painting Abstraction: Ruby Heart


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I present to you a hand-painted abstraction painting entitled: Ruby Heart. It is a painting on canvas, which is painted with acrylic paints.

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Sale of an abstractly painted painting on canvas. This painting is full of emotions where the gray shade creates a tranquil background for the striking elements of white, pink, and a radiant ruby in the center. This abstraction creates a visual poetry of the heart, where each element plays its role. It is an abstract canvas painted with acrylic colors.

Gray represents stability and calmness, white purity and innocence, pink tenderness and love, while ruby becomes the pulsating center, representing the passion and intensity of the heart. Overall, it is a painting that celebrates the diversity of emotions associated with the heart, whether it’s serene stillness or tumultuous passion.

More details:

  • Canvas size: Ø50
  • Material: wooden frame
  • Unsigned Acrylic on canvas
  • Lacquered
  • Year: 2024

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