Abstract Paintings

Are you interested in a custom abstract painting?

(I will quote your specific proposal for a painting without obligation)

    Your vision, my creation!

    I paint abstract paintings on commission, I also paint according to your wishes and suggestions. Choose the style, color and size without limits. Leave a lasting imprint of your taste.
    Intuitive Painting = Creativity without Borders

    What I need for your custom painting:

    1. Your vision: Do you have a specific idea or theme for a painting? Describe to me your ideas.
    2. Size and format: How big should the painting be and what format do you want it in?
    3. Style and colors: What style and color palette do you prefer?
    4. Future location: where do you plan to place the painting? This may affect its selection and design.
    5. Budget: setting a financial framework is important. What is your budget?
    6. Delivery date: By what date do you need the painting finished?
    7. Communication with the artist: open communication with the artist is key to sharing your vision.
    8. Feedback

    Price of the painting:

      1. Small painting (30×30 cm – 50×50 cm): 1.500 CZK – 7.000 CZK
      2. Medium painting (50×50 cm – 90×90 cm): 7.000 CZK – 20.000 CZK
      3. Large painting (90×90 cm – 120×120 cm): 7.000 CZK – 40.000 CZK
      4. Oversize painting (over 120×120 cm): 25.000 CZK and more

    Each painting I create has its own story and unique value. Therefore, the price of each painting is individual. It depends on the size, complexity, materials used and artistic values of each piece.
    I offer you the opportunity to own a unique piece of art that will be exclusive and customized to your wants and needs. Please contact me for a specific quote and I will be happy to provide you with pricing details for a specific custom painting.

    Sending your painting

    You can request a preview before sending the final painting. This preview is available so that you can check whether you are happy with the final result and whether it matches your expectations.

    Wrapping the painting

    To ensure that your painting is sufficiently protected and intact when shipped, I will use quality packaging and protection methods. The painting will be carefully packed to keep it safe from damage during transit, and will have all the necessary protective layers such as bubble wrap and a stable box. Your satisfaction with the painting and its preservation are my priority.

    Postage according to the current tariff

    I want to provide you with fair and up-to-date information. Therefore, the postage for shipping your artwork will depend on the carrier’s current price list. I contact reliable carriers who offer a variety of delivery options, including express and standard delivery.
    In order to keep you informed of the exact shipping cost, I will always provide you with specific information before finalizing your order. Your satisfaction with the entire order process, including delivery, is important to me.

    Publication of paintings on Social Networks and Websites

    In accordance with my principles and ethics, I reserve the right to post any image (that I have created for you) on my social media and website after the painting has been given to the recipient. This arrangement allows me to share my created artwork and showcase it for both inspiration and to promote my work.
    Your privacy and wishes are important to me, and if you have any special requests regarding the publication of your images, please let me know. I try to respect all your needs and wishes.

    Here you can find the current Sale of paintings.
    You can get further inspiration by looking around in the history of the paintings in my personal Gallery.
    Feel free to contact me if you are interested in, for example, commissioned Abstract Paintings.

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